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The new 2017 Dodge Durango can be an attractive choice for people who love their muscled and direct cars, but this crossover offers much more than that. This is a great solution for people with small children to keep their children busy and safe. The new Durango will deliver on this, and with the class to the boot.

2017 Dodge Durango 2017 Dodge Durango Reviews And Rating Motor Trend

2017 Dodge Durango Redesign

The front part is highlighted by an elegant grid, LED DRLs wrapping the headlights, as well as round fog lights that adorn the bumper. Stylish powerful bumper is very large with bold lines. If you look at the SUV side, it seems that we are facing a huge cruise liner. Yes, the end result is impressive, it is not a compact city car. Large wheel arches, window frames, compact side windows, powerful exterior mirrors. All this is complemented by elegant edges on the doors, a flat roof and elegant wheels, which the manufacturer will choose from a wide range.

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The power of the back sample and practicality in one. Large luggage door, wide rear window, offering the driver a superb overview of what happens behind SUV. Additional brake light integrated into the spoiler, which rises directly above the rear window. A very practical door gives access to the trunk, the elegant and astonishing optics as well as the lean bumper do not complete the already excellent appearance of the car. But it gets even more beautiful when in the dark red ribbon made of LED lights up. All involved more than 190 pieces.

Most likely, the main market will be the cradle of the US manufacturer. The car is produced at the Chrysler plant in Detroit. The initial cost of the base version is 25.5 thousand dollars. But the price is pre-restyling version. The novelty could cost a few thousand more from the beginning.

2017 Dodge Durango 2017 Dodge Durango Reviews And Rating Motor Trend


The old interior lines will be thrown away, and the extravagant box will welcome buyers right now. SUVS will have the seating limit of more than 7 people. The chair will be wrapped in a good quality color, to make the seats more enjoyable for tourists. In the components of this rich hosting will consist of Bluetooth network, satellite radio center, Blu-Ray player, motion skeleton routes and 5-inch touch screen on the dashboard. Includes USB sound structure, structure and of course can also be normal. The seats will be installed in 3 lines, and the seats and luggage space will be sufficiently reliable for buyers.

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2017 Dodge Durango Specifications

In order to support the more aggressive appearance of the new 2017 Dodge Durango, we get a proper engine to support things. This time, the choice falls on the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 that comes standard. It states that it can provide 360 ​​horsepower and 390 pounds-feet of torque, as it is updated with cylinder deactivation which allows a very decent fuel economy, even with rear-wheel drive models. EPA rates give us a performance of 14 mpg city and 23 mpg highway. Finally, the towing capacity has been increased to 7,400 pounds.

Dodge Durango Release Date and Price

Since it is still a concept, it is difficult to determine the exact release date. If rumors are true, the new Dodge Durango is expected to reach showrooms in the middle of 2017. It’s much too early to talk about the price at this point, though judging by the competition as well as previous models, $ 30,500 For the base version seems pretty much right.


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