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Audi’s flagship model, the A8, will jump into the next generation in 2017, with a new design, futuristic driving technologies and a fuel-efficient powertrain. Audi will have to pick up as much comfort and technology as possible if it needs to be a chance against the luxury limo heavyweights like the next generation of BMW 7-Series (due for an IAA 2015 start) and The Mercedes W222 S class.

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Exterior and Interior Design of the New A8

Even if the car is still more than a year away from its official launch, not so long ago we saw the 2018 Audi A8 camouflage without any real placeholders and like many of us expected, the car Seems much like an evolution of the old model rather than a completely new car. The front side seems to take some traces of design from the Prologue concept car that was presented a few years ago, while in the back it will share its design with the new Q7 and its individual LEDs for the taillights. The new 3D hexagonal grille and recessed headlights give a more aggressive look than before, but the car is still quite tame compared to the new Series 7 for example.

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Expect the cabin of the new A8 to be packed with the latest technology and features Audi has to offer. In addition, it will be their first car to have a true autonomous driving functionality that will be able to steer, accelerate, brake and even avoid certain situations on clearly marked roads. Later on the road a better system could also be installed, but until people will have to get used to a system similar to that on model S.

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2018 Audi A8 Characteristics of Engine

There is no clear information about the engine specifications, yet the Audi A8 2018 will have the enormous power of under its hood. Consistent with the problem, this vehicle will use a small turbocharger or multiple technology. It can not be 100% reliable. The very efficient forecast by the engine will generate 580 horsepower and 591 torsion weight legs. According to the review, this new vehicle will implement the W12 engine as the multiple style that will replace the old engine that is 6.3-liter engine. The new engine of this vehicle can generate 800 Nm of torsion. The other alternative of the engine, this car will implement V6 engine or V8 under the hood. The engine that will provide under the hood of the new Audi A8 will improve excellent gas mileage and achieve excellent maximum possible speed.

2018 Audi A8 Price

It’s a big enough piece of weight and it should make the A8 coming much better to drive than before. Besides the new platform on which the car will be based, the A8 will also receive new engines and a whole new look inside and out. A new range of trim finishes will also be added to the range in order to compete with the Maybach S600, but for now this model is still well wrapped. The price will probably not change much, but not at all, but the new special edition model as well as a possible RS version of the A8 could eventually cross the $ 200,000 threshold.


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