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The Audi TT is a curious case. From the beginning, it was built on modest platforms shared with the VW Golf and others of the VW group. It was also impregnated with some serious design. The TT has also been saddled with a reputation for being all style and not stuff enough – as yet another fashion model trying to launch an acting career.

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2018 Audi TT Roadstar Outside

Looking at the previous generation of TT-RS Roadster and the next-generation model side-by-side, we can see that the exterior styling is more refined than ever. At the front, the car kept its hood smooth and not adult, but the four-ring badge now graces the tip of the hood as opposed to sitting inside the grid.  It now has a hexagonal shape, with honeycomb mesh. On the lower edge of the grid, the Quattro logo is clearly visible.

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On the sides, there is more evidence of the car redesign. The side mirrors now have shorter arms and sit a little lower than before. The same body line extends from the bow of the front wheel to the rear. Bottom, however, the protruding body line between the front wheel passages is gone, and the side skirts do not have a more aggressive style. The taillights always wind from the rear and end at a sharp point where the rear fender meets the rear quarter. The car comes standard with 19-inch wheels, but can be optioned with 20-inch, forged light rollers.

2018 Audi TT Roadstar 2018 Audi Tt Rs Roadster Car Review Top Speed

2018 Audi TT Roadstar Inside

It seems that Audi took as much time to redesign the interior as the exterior. To begin with, the TT-RS Roadster comes standard with Audi’s all-digital virtual cockpit. The 12.3-inch screen is the instrument group and offers three different views, the most important being a special “RS” display that displays the tachometer and information on tire pressure, torque and g-force , Among others. For the record, this is the mode you want the instrument group to be able to power your local track on weekends.

As you look inside, you can see other interesting changes as well. Now that the display screen in the dashboard is not mounted in the center stack, the three central vents have now been dropped off a little and sitting at an angle. A small set of buttons is located directly below the central vents, providing some HVAC functions and the ability to access the hazard warning lights. More specifically, the center console has changed quite dramatically. The hand brake is now electronic, so there was no need for a handle cut in the console. That said, the console is now more refined with the shift lever in the middle, and a button just below to control various other functions. The carbon fiber inserts cover the front of the center console as well as the door handles. In addition, the seats have taken a new design with contrasting white stitching and a quilted pattern in the middle in the middle.

2018 Audi TT Roadstar 2018 Audi Tt Roadster Review And Redesign 2017 2018 Audi Cars

2018 Audi TT Roadstar Engine

The 2018 Audi TT RS packs a 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine with 395hp and 354 lb-ft of torque. It has a torque range of grease starting right at 1,700 rpm and ramping up all the way up to 5.850 rpm. This means that almost instant power is just around the corner of idle speed. With Audi’s Dynamic Package Plus, the TT RS has a top speed of 174 mph with 0 to 62 mph at 3.9 seconds for the topless roadster, while the coupé strikes another 0.2 seconds.

Quattro four-wheel drive is standard and so is Audi seven-speed, double clutch, S tronic transmission: there is no manual option. You do not need it, however: if the gearbox is left to its own devices or you paddle the paddles yourself, the RS is a silver bullet. While the old TT RS may have had a 2.5-liter, 5-cylinder also, the engine itself is brand new inside and out. To begin with, there is a total weight savings of 57 lbs through the use of magnesium, molybdenum and other lightweight materials for engine building blocks; A full 40 lb was cut from a block of iron to aluminum.


The only thing we know for sure at this point is that the TT-RS Roadster will be hit European showrooms in the fall of 2016. The coupe will actually retail at € 66,400, with the Roadster commanding a premium to 69.200 €. At current exchange rates, this represents $ 74,722 and $ 77,873, respectively.

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