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2018 Honda S2000 – As we all know, Honda launched the iconic S2000 model for the first time in 1998 to celebrate its 50th anniversary. This roadster, very popular among buyers, has been manufactured since 2009. Since its release, amusements from all over the world await the moment when this amazing car will be returned. As the latest information show, this moment will take place in 2018 for the 70th anniversary of the company. The car will certainly have changes regarding the size and engine, but will remain to be convertible to two recognizable doors. This third generation of S2000 stitching as a winner on paper and the company will definitely give its best to make another excellent sports car.

Automotive experts said the new Honda S2000 will be similar to the critically acclaimed Mazda MX-5 Miata, except that it will be more powerful and performance-oriented. Another clue that has the potential for this next-generation 2013 Honda S2000 is the Acura Precision concept that was unveiled at the Detroit show this year. Although industry insiders noted that Honda did not have a platform for a compact car focused on running, experts suggested not to overlook this, given what the company did with Its mini-coupé NSX and S660. Moving forward on the chassis and body, this next model should weigh less than 2,900 pounds. To do this, the Honda could use carbon fiber and aluminum alloy in the body to reduce weight. This will also improve performance and fuel economy.

2018 Honda S2000 Colors Image

Regarding the exterior styling of the new Honda S2000, a company can take references of the mini-coupe NSX and S660. The new models of the 2018 model suggest that this model will have a low nose and sporty front bumper. The hood consists of several stylistic scoops and angular lines that add sportiness to a certain extent. However, the manufacturer could introduce its Honda S2000 to come with a soft top convertible. Therefore, the interior cabin will be designed accordingly. Speaking of which, the soft sport seats with leather padding are in the cards. We do not know much about how the cabin is going to be because there is lack of new information. Meanwhile, Honda was designing the dashboard to be sporty and race-oriented.

2018 Honda S2000 Features Photo

Let’s talk about the specifications. Our source advised that the 2018 Honda S2000 would never use a 2.0-liter VTEC turbocharged engine that comes from the current Civic Type. This is an old news, said our source. Although the 2.0-liter Type R turbo is an excellent engine, Honda does not have such plans. Since this is a brand new sports car and Honda says it has to be special. So the next generation S2000 roadster will definitely bring a new engine and a new chassis. In addition, the new S2000 should be a unique sports car in its class, given that it could be a special gift for the 70th anniversary of Honda as well as the road version of the Honda RC213V-S.

The new Honda S2000 2018 is expected to appear in 2018 and, strangely, just in time to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Japanese auto maker. If we discuss the price, we still do not have information

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