2018 Hyundai Equus

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Car enthusiasts are delighted to welcome the new 2018 Hyundai Equus. If we see the existing Equus, we can expect some changes that will make the car even more impressive. The manufacturer has shown several changes over the past few years and it seems that the new Equus will be able to compete well with its rivals in its class. Now, car enthusiasts will be even more anxious to wait for it to appear before their eyes.

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Hyundai Equus Concept 2018

With regard to the idea of ​​the new Hyundai Equus 2018, one could clearly see at a glance that the planning will certainly be brought to a better level. Thanks to spy shots from several sources, the car still looks impressive in disguise. Probably the most notable is that the horizontal LED headlights that have attracted the attention of everyone since it is clearly seen. Then, the design of the front masks of the uprights is also easily noticed. This new Hyundai car has been redesigned in an effort to meet the needs of potential buyers as well as wants. The manufacturer has tried hard to provide better engine options yet did not make the value went too high.

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2018 Hyundai Equus Inside

While for the interior of this car we can see improvements such as 7 inch TFT screen for the basic model while the highest trim will be 12.3 inches. This car will give all the luxuries you can expect from a car like the high quality material used for the cab, and some safety system like vehicle stability management. The cabin will also have aluminum and steel accent that offers unique details on the cabin.

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Hyundai Equus 2018 Engine

Below the hood we can see the 5. liter V8 engine of the previous model that coupled with the eight-speed automatic transmission that is effortless, sleek as well as quick in changing gear. The gearbox also exchanges the capacity of the rear axle. This V8 engine will offer this 429 horsepower car at 6400 rpm with 509 Nm of torque that will make this car should go from mph to 60 miles per hour in just six seconds. The engine can also be coupled with the HTRAC all-wheel thrust system. The other options are the 3.3-liter turbocharged V6 engine that will give more force than the V8 engine and with reducing gas use than the V8 engine too. This engine is still the possibilities, and the transmission gear package has not determined yet for this particular turbocharged engine, but there are rumors that the engine will be combined with ten-step automatic transmission. Rumors also claimed that this car would use the 3.6-liter V6 engine with all four tires travel system.

2018 Hyundai Equus Price and Release Date

As for the price list, the new Hyundai Equus will start at about $ 60,000. With this, the car should be in a tight competition with rivals like KIA K900 and Lexus LS. After seeing this car, you may think that the price is high, but the price is wort when you see all these new features. The exact release date of the new Hyundai Equus has not yet been announced. Yet again, some experts claim that they estimated the car will be available in the market during the 2017 or early 2018.


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