2018 Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept Spy Shots And Pictures

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The 2018 Lexus LF-1 Limitless concept is in gold, although in person, it does not feel obnoxious. The exterior has nips and folds and curves, but it does not seem too ridiculous. The interior of the car is full of screens and gadgets, yet it seems quite realistic, almost familiar.

2018 Lexus LF1 Limitless Concept  Towing Capacity Picture

The exterior design is dominated by this distinct grille (read: impossible to ignore) at the front, but this time there is no chrome; LED lighting does the same job instead. It would certainly come out at night. At the rear, there are what appear to be holes for a fake exhaust, but we are promised that these will function as air vents on the rear wheels rather than as free cosmetic products. The unusual split rear spoiler that continues the lines of the divided panoramic roof does not seem to have a past effect, though.

2018 Lexus LF1 Limitless Concept Review Photo

The driver receives a dashboard facing them flanked by a pair of rear screens, with a gesture control system that replaces many physical buttons for a sleek cabin design. You have a quartet of identical seats in the LF-1 and each has its own multimedia screen, which can also display navigation information from the navigation in a similar way to modern aircraft. This navigation system also attempts to “anticipate” the needs of en-route occupants, for example by suggesting fuel and rest stops or eating places, and booking hotel rooms while you are on the road. Each rear passenger can choose their own infotainment and climate control settings using a haptic controller located on the center console of the rear seat, which will certainly cause havoc when children get their hands on it. Ambient lighting is very present in the LF-1, with a “dramatic” lighting sequence specific to the driving style, promised when you turn on the car. There are pinhole perforations in the wooden door trim that let the light to complement the LEDs more visible elsewhere in the cabin.

The possibilities of the powertrain are unlimited since the company plans the 2018 Lexus LF-1 Limitless with a combustion gasoline engine, a hybrid hybrid / plug-in configuration, like a pure EV, and also with a hydrogen fuel cell arrangement . We are waiting to know more about Lexus though.

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