2018 Nissan Xmotion Concept Redesign And Photos

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At the current Detroit Auto Show, Nissan unveiled the Xmotion concept, a design exploration for a compact SUV. Launched around the world, the 2018 Nissan Xmotion concept of six-passenger three-row (pronounced “cross motion”) merges Japanese culture with the American-style utility and the next-generation Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology.

2018 Nissan Xmotion Concept Dimensions Picture

When displaying the new concept of 2018 Nissan Xmotion for the first time, there is an immediate recognition of Nissan’s signature design elements, starting with the powerful grille, fascia and “boomerang” headlamps.Originally Introduced as an Element Key to the widely-acclaimed third-generation Nissan Murano crossover, the V motion grille has been refined and adapted to almost all current Nissan models, capped by its new, more three-dimensional execution. For use with the Nissan Xmotion concept, the V motion grid has evolved even wider, deeper and more powerful than ever. This new form has even inspired the name of the Xmotion concept itself and paves the way for use on production crossovers and SUVs over the next decade.

2018 Nissan Xmotion Concept Features Photo

In addition to its powerful design form and its presence, the new grid features horizontal bars inspired by Japanese architecture and executed in a strong blade-like carbon appearance with its deep color and high gloss finish achieving spectacular appearance.The design cutting edge of the theme grid addresses the Nissan Xmotion concept’s interpretation of Nissan’s signature ‘boomerang’ headlamps, which resemble forged steel blades. The headlights integrate all functions in one unit – high beams, dipped beam, turn signals and position lights. The intensity and color of the lighting changes According to the function.In the rear, the unique taillights design was inspired by the detail and warmth of Kumiko, Japanese woodwork and puzzles. The structure of the lights is, in fact, an optical illusion created by the hologram technology.On the sides of the Xmotion concept, innovative U-shaped bodyside highlights confer a very sculptural presence while creating an uninterrupted smooth visual flow from front to back of the wings. The section is very sharp and deep, but it conveys the movement is sweet simplicity, subtle and sculptural quiet.The exterior Xmotion concept is contrasted by sturdy wheels, made of metal and off-road tire design. Like the rest of the vehicle, the mechanical-inspired wheels and off-road tires coexist in one piece, the tire being physically plasticized on the 21-inch aluminum alloy wheels.

2018 Nissan Xmotion Concept  Engine Picture

Like the exterior of the 2018 Nissan Xmotion concept, the starting point of this spectacular interior was the coexistence of traditional Japanese elements with more futuristic technological lifestyle clues. Designers turned to traditional construction techniques, craftsmanship and materials, but applied them with modern aesthetics. With its long wheelbase, its wheels and tires pushed to the extreme corners, the Xmotion concept allows the creation of a new design. 4 + 2 “passenger layout.Equipped with three rows of individual seats side by side, it is designed to provide an ideal space for a young couple, another couple and two children or pets in the third row. the extra row of seats, the Nissan Xmotion concept includes a retractable “roof box.” The design is aerodynamically efficient and flexible enough to carry a variety of bags or recreational equipment.

2018 Nissan Xmotion Concept  Msrp Picture

Nissan did not specify the type of powertrain Xmotion owns. It’s probably because he does not have one. The model is still a concept if certain freedoms can be taken to stretch our imagination. It’s a different story if Nissan decides to build a production model. If that happened, I think Nissan will opt for hybrid or electric technology. My first inclination is a powertrain similar to the IMx crossover would have, especially two “high-efficiency” engines, one for each axle, which produce 429 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque combined. The powertrain also has a high capacity battery that is supposed to return a range of more than 372 miles per charge.

2018 Nissan Xmotion Concept  Dimensions Picture

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