2018 Toyota GR Super Sport Concept Camouflage And Prices

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Toyota teased us with the silhouette of a new 2018 Toyota GR Super Sport Concept. Designed to be a showcase of the brand’s WEC know-how, Gazoo Racing’s Super Sport Concept was unveiled at Tokyo Auto Salon in 2018, and it’s an incredible machine.

2018 Toyota GR Super Sport Concept  Models Image

The GR Super Sport was the star, however. Toyota says it has built the concept to show how the technology developed for motor sport, the WEC, can be incorporated into something resembling a road car. The automaker boasts that the concept is composed mainly of the same parts as the TS050 Hybrid; for example, the internal carbon fiber structure is an almost exact copy of the structure in the race car. And Toyota does not just talk philosophically. The automaker really wants to add racing sports technology to future sports cars.

You see, the GR in the name refers not only to Toyota’s Gazoo Racing motor sport division but also to the newly established GR performance sub-brand. There are rumors GR, which could end up being renamed TRD for the United States, will be the brand under which Toyota sells its modern Supra. You will notice that some parts of the GR Super Sport design are common to the new Supra, even if they are exaggerated. This can be seen in the shape of the rear fenders and side windows.

2018 Toyota GR Super Sport Concept  Features Picture

The 2018 Toyota GR Super Sport concept was developed by Toyota Gazoo Racing, the motorsport and performance arm of the Japanese manufacturer, as a new generation “super sports car”. Toyota Razor Gazoo Racing What he learned from the race at Le Mans and the World Endurance Championship and applied it to an uncompromising vehicle designed from scratch, according to Gazoo Racing President Shigeki Tomoyama. The result is an LMP-inspired coupe powered by a dual-turbo 2.4-liter V6 hybrid system developed from the Toyota TS050 Hybrid’s powertrain. The system uses most of the same parts as the TS050 and produces a total of 986 hp, says Toyota

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