2019 Acura RDX Camouflage And Images

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However, these rumors were rejected when 2018 turned out to be nothing more than a little refreshment. Even though it’s not official, it seems like the upcoming 2019 Acura RDX┬áis the newest car that most of us have been waiting for. Although Acura has not yet formalized it, the new model has been tested several times now. It looks like the car will follow about the same changes as the CR-V. From most spy photos, we’ve seen that it looks like the new RDX will be identical to the new CR-V in terms of car size. Both should share the same wheelbase and roughly the same exterior dimensions.

2019 acura rdx  Updates Image

It is clear that Acura’s Jewel-Eye lights will be interpreted, but they should be revised from what we see on the current MDX and the new ILX. They will probably get their own LED strips and look pretty smooth, leaving a lot of fascia down. As for the grille, it’s a complete mystery, but the world has spoken, and the Acura beak is out, so you can be damn sure it will not come back. Expect to see a grid similar to that of the MDX. If you are a betting man, I would put my money on a slightly larger version of the Diamond Pentagon Grid making an appearance here. At the bottom, expect to see larger corner vents with long LED fog lights and, depending on the openings in the camouflage, a wide air vent will help power the radiator and transmission cooler. It is clear that the lateral profile will be dominated by some muscle wheel wells in the front, while the rear ones will probably be flush with the body. The body below the waist line will have a very slight crease that is more sparkling and rounded while down below a sharper line will add character over the side skirts. Again, it’s not going to be aggressive, but it will have a bit of bite to keep things interesting. As for the back end, you might as well look at a brick wall. We have lure tail lights and enough padding to absorb the impact of a small asteroid. But, from the point of view of things, we’ll see a rather short rear window to go with a much longer rear hatch and a short back fascia. The exhaust outlets will be deep in the corners, and I suspect that the rear hatch will have a major body line that runs horizontally just below the taillights. The taillights themselves should get a unique matrix with LED technology (at least on higher trim levels), and it looks like they are wrapping rather in the rather dominant rear quarters. But, for the moment, there is still a lot of mystery, so it will be necessary to wait until the next series of photos arrives to talk about the outside.

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Sometimes, when our photographers catch a prototype sitting in a gas station, the engineer behind the wheel will be distracted enough to take a picture of us inside. However, our photographer encountered some resistance this time, and as it turns out that the driver was not very happy, we took pictures. So, unfortunately, we can not offer you any look on the inside. With that said, we can probably expect to see a completely revamped interior. If Acura will continue with the dual display configuration in the center console remains a mystery. It would be nice to see the brand turn into a larger, tablet-like screen. If it were able to do that, and integrate the HVAC controls into it, Acura could design a clean dashboard with a few buttons and more style. The other thing that Acura really needs to do is start to integrate softer surfaces with its crossovers.

2019 acura rdx  Exhaust Picture

The choice of engines will become rather interesting. Until now, the RDX was powered by a 3.5L V6 (in all trim levels) that offered 279 hp at 6,200 rpm and 252 lb-ft of torque at 4,900 rpm. Speculation is that the Acura RDX 2019 could use the Type R 2.0L turbo engine, but not the 310 HP beast, but a detuned variant that is used in the new Accord that has a linear torque curve. Since this unit is configured for the FWD only we assume that, if it does to the RDX engine department, a new transmission will be in order (with more than six speeds most likely) since the RDX will be and AWD vehicle. With the current, the 2018 model starts at $ 35,800.

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