2019 Aston Martin Valkyrie Facelift And Exterior

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Red Bull and Aston Martin are building a heavier and faster model called Valkyrie AMR Pro. The 2019 Aston Martin Valkyrie Pro model is gaining weight and refining everything to deliver performances that, according to Red Bull, will compete with a Formula One car or a first-class Le Mans prototype.

2019 aston martin valkyrie  Exterior Colors Photo

The 2019 Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro in sheet metal, the British brand has given us a glimpse through an exterior rendering. Compared to what we saw on the Valkyrie route, the track variant alone does not seem to be a huge departure in terms of aesthetics. You still get the ultra-wide, ultra-low stance of a hardcore performance machine, plus big aero, a teardrop shaped greenhouse, and padded wings padded by large diameter wheels with flat outer lids. A scoop on the roof again leads to a rear spoiler that corresponds to the rear fender. However, while the same general form is still there, the AMR Pro manages to get it all to 11. Aston says he has modified the aero to create more support, starting with bigger wings to the front and back. We also notice new fins behind the front wheels, which probably helps to remove hot air around the brakes without affecting the dynamics of the front supports. Just in front of the windshield is an extra vent for the nose. Finally, Aston explains that active aerodynamic systems have been tuned and tuned for more intense service, while the wheels have been reduced to 18 inches. diameter to mount the uber-sticky Michelin rubber.

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Unfortunately, Aston has not yet given us an idea of ​​what to expect in the cabin of the AMR Pro, but from what we have seen from the road variant, there are some assumptions to make. First, let’s look at the “standard” 2019 Aston Martin Valkyrie. Climb into this thing, and you’ll find yourself wrapped in a carbon cocoon. It’s a tight fit, but again, you have to consider the ridiculous performance potential of this machine. A square steering wheel provides inputs for the various embedded systems, with vital information relayed by a small screen mounted in the center of the “wheel”. A complementary information screen is mounted on the dashboard, while two side screens project the rear video signals of traditional side mirrors (after all, aerodynamics is king). A square steering wheel provides inputs for the various on-board systems , with vital information relayed by a small screen mounted in the center of the “wheel”.

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In addition to all the carbon, the Valkyrie rolls on the Alcantara and the metal parts painted in gold. A six-point harness is offered for runway service, and should come standard equipment in the AMR Pro.

Red Bull expects it to reach a top speed of around 250 km / h and be able to pull 3.3 G of force when cornering and braking forces of up to 3.5 g. While they are not as hardcore as the near-fighter pilots as a full-range race car, Red Bull says their simulations suggest that the Valkyrie AMR Pro will be able to meet F1 or LMP1 racing cars on the road. pace.

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Aston says only 25 of these crazy machines will be built, with deliveries starting in 2020. All 25 are already spoken for. The amount that each customer has paid is always in an envelope, but if we were to guess, it is likely that $ 3 to $ 4 million is pretty much right.

2019 aston martin valkyrie  Exterior Colors Image

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