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2019 BMW 8 Series – BMW has not yet released its grand yet tourer series 8 Risen and long, low two-door already generates swarming models. It’s not really unexpected, and some of them make perfect sense: a convertible? I must have it. A powerful version? Of course. We particularly like the idea of ​​a race car at Le Mans.

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The look of the BMW sedans may be getting a bit bland, but the 2019 BMW 8 Series concept unveiled at the Eleganza Concorso on the shores of Lake Como in Italy this year heralds an awakening in May Werke’s design studios. The bold proportions emphasize its longitudinal engine architecture, and the forks at the top of the slats in the brand’s signature grille suggest the Lexus LC, the 8-series will have a conical greenhouse. But given BMW’s relatively conservative style language, do not expect hips as pronounced as LC. But there is also a lot of connection between this concept and the current BMW range. Inline taillights evoke the sheen of the i8 while the mammoth cutouts in the front and rear bumpers recall the aggressive scalloped M2 way. The current 5 Series also features gimmicky trapezoidal exhaust finishers. The 8er edge will surely soften when it reaches production, but the concept gives a clear indication of what is coming.

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Although he will be sitting next to the 7 Series at the top of the range, the 8 will not be as far apart as it is spacious. It is comfortable, with a high center console and a low sitting position, which makes the interior much smaller than it is. Nothing about its control or detailing provisions indicates a kind of interface revolution, though the iDrive controller and gear selector are made of Swarovski glass. Seeing that the jewelry company’s crystals made in Mercedes-Benz class S headlights, it would not surprise us if BMW uses them in production models. After all, product planning in Munich often happens in Stuttgart, and vice versa.

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Given that the S-Class sedan and coupe share the same transmissions and, more importantly, how BMW generally allocates its engines on its nameplates, it can be assumed that the 8 Series will have the same powertrains as the sedan. In the United States, the lineup starts with the 840i, which has the 3.0-liter twin-turbo six-rated at 320 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque. The performance figures are likely to see a slight improvement, so expect his models to hit 60 seconds from a standing start in 5.3 seconds, a tenth-second faster than the sedan. The maximum speed will be limited to 130 mph as standard, but with the option of increasing it to 155 mph. The rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions will be available.

With Series 7 priced at $ 81,300 in its US 740i base, 2019 BMW 8 Series is likely to reach more than $ 90,000, if not nearly $ 100,000.

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