2019 Ford B-MAX Concept And New Body Line

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The 2019 Ford B-MAX will be put on the grass in the first half of September. The mini MPV never took off in terms of sales, so it’s not really a surprise that one is about to get the ax especially since the game EcoSport to replace it on the line of assembly has a much greater potential.

2019 Ford BMAX Price Image

2019 Ford B-MAX Exterior

As we know, Ford is not the most famous about its exterior design, but this new Ford B-Max 2019 is really beautiful. Its exterior design is the most important, most functional. This time, the shape of the new B-Max is slightly modified. It is lower than before and with it, the air can circulate better under and around this van. Apart from these changes, Ford has done nothing more special and radical. We heard that Ford offered more exterior color options than before. The front fascia is now restyled and it is designed with more modern details. What’s great is that the grille will be larger than before and will be longer too. Now, it’s going to be done using only chrome. With that, it will attract more customers than before because it looks classier than before. On the back end of 2019 Ford B-Max we can see exhaust pipes bigger than before. They are now placed on the greater distance than before. The sides are now restyled as well and they are made with larger side mirrors. The big part about this is that it will be modernized this time around.

2019 Ford B-MAX Interior

The interior design of the new 2019 Ford B-MAX is the most important thing about it. It will become more spacious than before. Now, B-Max is available to accommodate more passengers than before, but it will make them able to enjoy more than before. Now, even the seats are restyled. They are equipped with better lumbar support and better support of the sides. Now these seats are the thing that will make passengers enjoy this minibus more than some others. According to rumors, some higher trim levels will also be equipped with heating and cooling options. The big thing is made by the Ford this time. We still do not have accurate information on the dashboard of the new Ford B-Max 2019. What’s great is that the dashboard will be released with fewer buttons than ever before. Now, it is obvious that the touch screen is bigger than before. It is made with dimensions of 10.0 inches wide that can make all passengers able to see everything that is displayed on this screen. All functions are improved now and all are easier to handle. We still do not know how many security and entertainment features will be installed. What is certain is that there will be a perfect balance between these characteristics.

2019 Ford BMAX  Mpg Picture

Performance of Ford B-MAX

Under the hood, we expect the new Ford C-Max will have two relatively different transmissions; a hybrid plug-in and a conventional hybrid. The plugin will have a more elaborate engine that draws power from a 7.6 kWh lithium-ion battery and regenerative braking. This could power the car for about 19 miles if it runs exclusively on electric power. The Energi will also include a 120-volt charger that can charge the battery for 5 hours, but there is an alternative, a 240-volt charger that significantly reduces the charging time to 2.5 hours. When the battery is exhausted, it will function as a typical hybrid vehicle.

Ford B-MAX 2019 Price

The starting price of the new Ford B-Max 2019 can not exceed $ 20,000. The release date is still difficult to say, but we think it will be around March 2019.

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