2019 Ford Kuga Performance And Details

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Ford released the second generation of Kuga in 2012, so the car is not so old. Unfortunately, he shares a lot of parts with the first generation they released almost ten years ago. This is probably why the current model does not really feel up to date, which is really a shame. Fortunately, it seems finally that the manufacturer is ready to change. Not so long ago, some internal sources suggested that there would be a huge update with the 2019 Ford Kuga. The car should be a major refresh that will not have much in common with its predecessor.

2019 Ford Kuga Interior Image

New Ford Kuga 2019 Changes

The designers had extremely intriguing concepts when the new Ford Kuga 2019 is about a line. Compared to its rivals, this Ford vehicle has a large grille that is eye-catching. The bumpers are a little cut and diversified so the back seems a bit narrow. The technology of lights used is special and strong combining LED materials and bionic glass spheres. Comments are more than favorable with futuristic adjectives. Shell is different, the front door is bigger and has 4 doors and a back. Really big cabin intriguing style and leather products offers 2019 Kuga look contemporary and futuristic.

2019 Ford Kuga Msrp Photo

Ford Kuga Performance

While CO2 emissions will be reduced throughout the range, a plug-in hybrid model will rival all these new crossovers that can run on electricity. However, you will not see a Kuga / Escape PHEV before 2021. The power will apparently come from a combination of 150 hp turbo engine (says it’s a 3 cylinder) and 88 kW electric motor. We expect as much growling as on Volkswagen GTE models.

Their written report published a few days before this video also suggests that there will be a 2019 Ford Kuga rated at 284 PS and 380 Nm of torque. These figures are much closer to the Focus ST than the 350 hp all-wheel-drive monster Focus RS. Maybe there is a gearbox limit that we do not know, but could not they call it the Kuga ST?

2019 Ford Kuga Changes Picture

Given what has happened with its predecessors, it can be assumed that Ford will release the new car by mid-2018.The base model will cost less than most of its competitors, but new versions of range should now cost more than $ 45,000.

2019 Ford Kuga Price Image

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