2019 Honda Odyssey Release Date And Photos

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2019 Honda Odyssey – With cars like the all-new Pacifica and Sedona, the current model of the Odyssey is not as accurate as the date. It looks old; he likes an old car, and it just will not be as fast as the competitors. Even though Honda does not say much about it, rumors come up that the car is even closer to the exit than we envisioned.

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The new Odyssey is a refreshing adventure away from the old generation van, but it’s not a shocking retouch. It keeps the basic proportions of the previous model, but gains additional style touches that make it percussive, such as its more elegant front, scalloped doors and dipped back glass. All these design indices should remain the same in the 2019 Honda Odyssey.

Inside, Honda focused on functionality rather than style in the 2018 redesign, with the most significant changes including the innovative second row sliding seat, improved legroom and a new push-button gearbox. We expect the appearance of the Odyssey cabin to remain the same in 2019.

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Depending on the level of finish, the Odyssey 2019 weighs up to 96 pounds less than its predecessor. All Odysseys will use a 3.5-liter V6 at 280 hp, a 32-horsepower in 2015. The lower trim levels will couple the V-6 to a 9-speed automatic transmission, while the more sophisticated versions acquire a 10-speed automated transmission. These transmissions should help the Odyssey save fuel, as will an automated shutter system behind the grille created to make the van more aerodynamic at high speeds.

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Although there is not yet an official release date for the Honda Odyssey 2019, according to the usual model schedule, we expect to see it in late spring 2018. In the absence of a change of store, do not see any reason to surprise price rises the Odyssey of 2019. Seek to stay close to the price range of $ 30,930 to $ 47,610 from the 2018 model.

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