2019 Mazda 2 Facelift And Pictures

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At the beginning of October, at the Rome International Film Festival, the automaker Mazda organized a first third generation show on the European market, the 2019 Mazda 2. Sales of new cars in Europe starting next year version The Hazumi Conceptual Model, presented for the first time at the beginning of spring this year, as part of the Geneva International Motor Show.

2019 mazda 2 Image Release

The Japanese model Mazda 2 is the answer to many competitors in this segment. With any good combination, great efforts of engineers and designers, the potential of this car is huge. This is a great addition to the company’s nearly popular models. The rivals face a real nightmare. Nightmare packed in the Mazda 2 model. Increased profitability, improved design and performance.

2019 mazda 2  Images Picture

B-segment vehicles currently represent the largest part of the market. The design lines have been transferred from larger models, which seems very tempting and attractive. He will especially seduce the drivers. Traveling is more enjoyable and comfortable with beautiful, comfortable seats lined with good materials. The trend of the designers was mainly to create a subcompact car. Looks like they have succeeded. With new technologies and innovation is difficult to miss this goal.

2019 mazda 2  Msrp Picture

When you enter the cabin, you will immediately understand in which direction it began to decorate. With the equipment at its disposal and layout, the direction of movement is towards the premium vehicle. In the central deck is a part of the controls, then there is a large central screen, navigation, many leather details and a perfect finish. Compared to the previous model works more comfortable, modern and soothing. Travelers will be available audio system with 4 speakers, an additional auxiliary input jack, Bluetooth connection, hands-free calling, infotainment screen, AM / FM radio, steering wheel audio controls, USB port, etc.

2019 mazda 2  Msrp Picture

Under the hood of the 2019 Mazda 2 – a 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine with a power output of 100 horsepower. The car does not have enough 10 to 15 horses for greater confidence in driving, especially at low speeds in every gear. But on the road, the Mazda 2 2019 is not inferior to the Ford Fiesta, whose power of 20 more horsepower. This is due to the first-class custom 4-speed automatic transmission with clear and fast switching. A big plus in the Mazda 2019 engineering team

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