2019 Porsche Boxster Changes And New Platform

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2019 Porsche Boxster – Porsche 718 Boxster and Cayman have just received the GTS treatment. But the German sports car brand is already working on the next climb of the ladder, the new 718 Boxster Spyder and Cayman GT4. Here is a prototype for the Boxster Spyder. The car is being developed alongside a new Cayman GT4 and is expected to debut next year, as a 2019 model.

2019 porsche boxster Engine Specs Image

The spy photos suggest that the next Spyder is a slightly more aggressive version of the Boxster on which it is based. That means it gets all the updates that Porsche has submitted for the 2016 nameplate, starting with the wider front with a new bumper section, finer LED daytime running lights. and new LED headlights. The modifications for the Spyder model appear to include a more aggressive center vent, a new separator and a horizontal slat removal for the side intakes.

On the sides, the Spyder seems to be identical to the usual Boxster economy for slightly revised rear bumper vents and the new wheel design. Of course, the side view changes dramatically to the rear because of the flying buttresses on the engine hood, which give the car a smoother look. The same is available for the top. While the 2019 Porsche Boxster looks like the Cayman when the top is in place, the Spyder gets a different profile. More changes are visible on the back. Porsche has redesigned both the taillights and the trunk lid for the latest Boxster, the new rear lights have 3D LED technology with four-point brake lights, and a black band with “Porsche” integrated between them. The latter, however, has not been reported on the Spyder. This area is now a decklid spoiler, so the band has been completely removed to make room for the aerodynamic element. The bumper is identical to the regular model, but the new diffuser distinguishes the Spyder.

2019 porsche boxster Review Photo

Inside the Spyder’s cabin, we should find the same features that were introduced as new with the 2019 Porsche Boxster Technology department updates to the outgoing model should include a standard Porsche Communication Management system with mobile phone preparation, audio interfaces, Sound Package Plus 110 watts and a voice-activated navigation module. The Connect Plus module for access to a wide range of online services is optional on the Boxster, but it could be included as a standard feature on the Spyder version. With features that distinguish this model, be sure to look for more sporty seats and a slightly smaller steering wheel with a flat bottom. The fabric loops that replace the traditional door handles and the revised rear section for the new roof will further differentiate the Spyder from the ordinary 718 Boxster.

And while the recently unveiled 2019 Porsche Boxster  GTS has raised the bar to 365 hp and the retired Boxster Spyder came with 385 ponies, we are waiting for the newcomer to deliver at least 400 horsepower.

Porsche could update the 3.8-liter flatbed six-cylinder engine of the pre-718 Boxster Spyder, but, since the 991,1 Carrera S donor car was confined in the history book, this road technology does not seem too plausible.

With the 2019 Porsche Boxster base starting at $ 57,400, the new Spyder should earn at least $ 87,000 before the options, making it the most expensive Boxster model of all time.

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