2019 Porsche Pajun Concept And Specs

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2019 Porsche Pajun – British media reports that Porsche has decided to delay the launch of a smaller Panamera until at least 2019. The Pajun / Panamera Junior was due out by 2017, but according to the CAR that will not happen, as Porsche apparently established other priorities for the coming years. The Panamera setback is now scheduled for a 2019 version.

2019 Porsche Pajun  Exhaust Picture

In this case, the Pajun was to be launched over the next four years, but the plan is no longer valid. CAR understands that the parent of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg needs all the support that his Porsche satellite in Stuttgart can call, so that investments in future products have been compared to the bone.

The 2019 Porsche Pajun is described as a five-door coupe expects it to be positioned as a Panamera mini-me, in the same way that the Macan takes Cayenne aesthetics and shrinks it to suit the SUV market medium-sized and more compact. The first image in our gallery Pajun shows an idea of ​​how the new five-door door might look; This is an official Porsche sketch of the Panamera Sport Turismo automobile concept, which provided for a Panama brake shooting version.

2019 Porsche Pajun  Updates Photo

The upcoming Pajun will most likely be a rear wheel model and will be offered with a range of V6 turbocharged direct injection engines developed between 400 and 550 HP. It will offer a 3.0-liter TDI with a 265 HP output and a 4.0-liter Twin-turbo V8 that will provide an impressive 600 HP. A hybrid version could also be a possibility.

The future Pajun will be offered in a five-door coupe version first with a sports brake variant 12 months later. Sedans and convertible variants will also be offered. Before all this, however, we will have a face lift for the Panamera, as well as a Panamera Coupe. These new models will be produced to help Porsche achieve their goal of increasing sales to 200,000 units per year.

2019 Porsche Pajun  Colors Picture 2019 Porsche Pajun Engine Type Photo

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