2019 Seat Ibiza Camouflage And Photos

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This is the 2019 SEAT Ibiza, a potential competitor for the Ford Fiesta ST and potentially a key component of SEAT’s offering to build its performance division into a full-fledged brand.

2019 Seat Ibiza  Models Photo

Seat Ibiza Redesign 2019

Presented at the official launch event of Cupra, the SEAT Ibiza is ostensibly just a show car for the moment; SEAT management says it wants to measure the reaction of customers and dealers to the car before putting it into production. However, Auto Express understands that only a strong negative reaction is likely to stop the process of developing the hot Ibiza – and that it will also be joined in the line-up by a Cupra Arona.

There are some notable things about the 2019 Seat Ibiza that are worth mentioning. At the front, let’s start with the new Bronze SEAT logo that already looks like one of the best badges in the automotive industry. If there is one thing Cupra has nailed shortly after breaking off from Seat, it’s the logo. It attracts attention, but it does not noodle its environment either. We see it here because just as quickly as you see the new logo, you realize that the grille of the hot hatch is also new. The headlights are strangely similar to those Audi uses, but that’s fine. Both companies share a parent, so there is nothing wrong with sharing them. Large alloy wheels also stand out, as does the aerodynamic kit, which apparently includes a rooftop carbon fiber spoiler.

2019 Seat Ibiza  Colors Photo

It’s hard to understand how the body lines affect the profile of the hot hatch, but there are some elements of its design that Cupra could have done better. One is the bumper. Maybe it’s because of the angle of the photo, but it looks like a flat and bland bumper that does not do enough to showcase the sporty and aggressive personality of the Cupra. You can also see how flat these wheel arches are. The other glaring problem with the Cupra Ibiza is the size of these taillights. Seriously, look at them.

2019 Seat Ibiza  Colors Picture

Seat Ibiza 2019 Performance

That said, it’s hard not to like what we see here, at least if you look at the design as a whole. There have been some missed opportunities to bring out the Ibiza, but for the most part, this looks like a proper hot hatch. Fortunately, he will receive performance capabilities that can match his appearance. There are no details on the engine, but reports have indicated that it would receive the same 2.0-liter turbocharged engine as the Volkswagen Polo GTI. This engine will produce 197 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque.

2019 Seat Ibiza  Interior Picture

If, as expected, the 2019 Seat Ibiza goes to production, it should have a price of around £ 20,000. But with the bosses insisting that it will not get the green light until dealer and customer demand has been established, it is unlikely to come before 2019 at the earliest.

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