2019 Tata H5X Refresh And Exterior

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2019 Tata H5X – Tata Motors representative revealed the launch times for Tata Motors H5X SUV and 45X sedan. PV Business Unit President Mayank Pareek told Times of India in Kolkata that Tata Motors will launch the H5X in the first quarter of next year while the high-end 45X sedan will be launched in the second half of next year.

2019 Tata H5X  Interior Picture

2019 Tata H5X Design

The car will carry the new design language of Impact Design 2.0 and yes, it’s more like the looker. It is unlike any other Tata SUV that you may have seen to date. The H5X gets 22-inch wheels and the big wheel arches give it a very muscular position. The bold face of the SUV is characterized by tall, thin LED headlights and the Tata brand line of humanity that connects the headlights and grille. There were also different fog lamp housings that Tata Motors called the “three-arrow model”. The sloping roofline and rear windshield stand out from all the traditional models we’ve seen so far from the company.

2019 Tata H5X Interior Image

Tata H5X inside 2019

We expect the cab to be outfitted with premium materials and trim, as the H5X will adopt the features of the well-equipped Honda Jazz and Maruti Suzuki Baleno. We also hope that Tata Motors will also offer the latest connectivity options. The other aspect we suppose will already be there is a spacious cabin, an aspect where Tata cars will never disappoint.

The 2019 Tata H5X production will be powered by the FCA Multijet II engine, as seen in the Jeep Compass, in two 140 PS states for the 5-seater version and 170 PS for the 7-seater. Both two and four wheel drive will be available and the transmission options will be a manual and 6-speed automatic.

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