2020 Mini Electric Interior And New Platform

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2020 Mini Electric – Last summer, Mini unveiled a new electric concept. As a study, the vehicle shared the same lines as the traditional Mini, but had some rather extravagant design cues suitable for a concept. The mini-test vehicle appears to be based on the two-door Mini Hardtop model. In fact, the slightly disguised machine seems almost identical to the gasoline model. It even has a small hood scoop, despite the presence of an electric powertrain.

2020 Mini Electric  Interior Photo

As expected, 2020 Mini Electric uses its signature Hardtop model for its first EV volume. But there is not much to do to distinguish the electric version of his brothers and sisters gas, at least visually. Some notable differences are the lack of exhaust pipes. The grille also appears mainly on the mini-grid, just like the Mini Electric concept. Mini remains on the specifications, which is intelligent given the pace at which the technology is changing. We expect a single electric motor at the front of the axle and batteries located in the floor and under the rear seat. The range should be 200 miles or more according to the EPA tests.

2020 Mini Electric  Image

The powertrain comes from the same factories in Germany that are responsible for the hardware of the BMW i3, although the car is assembled at the Mini in Oxford, England, was a pioneer of electric cars for the general public. Some readers will recall that the brand has tentatively rented the electric mini-car with a hard top over the last decade. It was to gather feedback on the use of electric cars that the BMW group was recently used for the i3. But with the hype around the Tesla Model 3, it’s the turn of the Mini to launch an EV volume.

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